Keeping the Spirit of ’76 Alive

We’ve been working on some major updates to the Fourth of July Celebration website in Warren Pennsylvania, and will soon be migrating the site to the new (and improved) Drupal 8 content management system. While D8 had just been released a couple months ago, and there’s not a whole lot of themes for it yet, we’ve decided to work on the back-end first, then worry about a theme a bit later down the road. Functionality should always come first. Once that’s set, the rest just falls into place.

Once that’s up, it’ll be much easier to lay out a good and patriotic look for the site. Even now though, you can see the events that are being planned for the Fourth of July, boasting one of the biggest parades in the tri-state area! The Fourth of July celebration is one of our freebies to non-profits. If we ever have an opening for a freebie host, we’ll announce it here on our blog.

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