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It’s Easier than you think to Delete Facebook

Angry about the Cambridge Analytica fiasco? Think Mark Zuckerberg is lying through his teeth and want to do what millions have already done? https://m.facebook.com/account/delete┬áThat’s it. That’s the link you need in order to fully delete Facebook. Keep in mind, most likely they’ll still keep a back up of everything you’ve ever posted. You can also […]

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DHS is warning about cyber security & scams in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

The Department of Homeland Security is issuing warnings regarding scams and more, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Have a look at the article in the USA Today for more information & what to watch out for. A bit from the article is below. “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is warning individuals of the […]

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What are you sharing with the world?

Internet security is a big deal, whether you believe it or not. At any given time, someone can be using your apps to gain information about you, where you are & what you’re doing. Find out what you’re leaking to the world via your browser & take action. See Robin Linus’s page for a full […]

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